Walkshop workshop

Further Information about the optional walking workshop- sign up on arrival.
Walkshop with DIG
*Bring a packed lunch, a waterproof coat and be sure to wear comfortable shoes.  
The walk provides the starting point from which to investigate, it is a strategy from which to interact with the landscape, providing the opportunity to challenge the way histories and narratives are constructed, recorded and retold. This one-day collaborative workshop (conducted via walking) will trace Edinburgh’s historical past, present and future, exploring the potential of fiction as a method from which to reveal a sites secrets. This walkshop is an attempt to document the invisible and intangible in our urban environments. It is an attempt to expose the unseen, the hidden and the overlooked. Over the course of the day we will explore tactics and strategies for engaging with a landscape in a continual state of flux, encouraging participants to find new ways in which to engage with the process of drawing and to visually articulate the way we understand and experience place. We will consider the works of artists, theorists and urbanists who have interrogated our relationship to the landscape, from Francis Alys and Laura Oldfield Ford to Walter Benjamin and Lisa Robinson. Along the way we will discuss and explore issues raised by the question of what it means to observe and to document space and place in the twenty-first century.
The Documentary Illustration Group (DIG) is a collaborative research project by Leah Fusco, Mireille Fauchon and Gareth Proskourine-Barnett which aims to explore new modes of documentary practice where the only certainty is uncertainty.




The exhibition will be housed in the stunning Sculpture Court at Edinburgh College of Art

Please send a pdf with up to three images and short description of the work to

[D.mccannon@mmu.ac.uk] and [j.gibbs@eca.ac.uk] by 7th July

The exhibition will comprise of high quality digital prints of the work selected.